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You can earn with KashKick in many ways, but surveys are a fun, easy way to earn extra cash! The survey process can be confusing for some, but we’re here to explain the mechanics behind it. We want to be completely transparent with how our survey process works so you can earn as much extra cash as possible!

You may be wondering—what’s the real importance of surveys? For brands and companies, surveys are an effective way to determine if users like their products or services, if new products or services for a specific target audience will be well-received, enhance their marketing strategies, assess consumer buying patterns, and much more. Surveys can be the best way for companies to determine what their current and future customers are looking for and how to improve current products and services or release new ones.1

To reach the correct audience, every survey experience starts the same—with the prequalification process. Companies make million-dollar decisions based on survey feedback, so it is extremely important to ensure they speak to the correct audience. During the prequalification process, KashKick will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better—we first want to know things like your age, gender, postal code, employment status, level of education, and more. KashKick then matches you with surveys based on your prequalification answers. 

When you start a survey, the researcher may ask you the same prequalification questions again, or they may want to ask you a series of their own prequalification questions. KashKick does ask you a small set of prequalification questions, but those questions don’t always cover everything the researcher needs to know. Certain things match the survey taker to the correct survey—such as level of education, age, or gender—but again, there are other specific questions that KashKick doesn’t ask, and the researcher might need, like graduating year, college attended, etc. Trying to anticipate and ask every question a researcher might need isn’t realistic—we’d be asking you questions all day long without you ever completing a survey!

Once you have answered all screening questions and are in the right survey, you will continue answering questions until there are no questions left. It’s very important to be thorough, honest, and consistent with your answers to avoid getting disqualified!

You could be getting disqualified from a survey for many reasons. Here are some main reasons why you may be getting kicked out:

This simply means that there were enough participants in that specific survey when you took it, so the researcher doesn’t need to hear from you anymore!

You will likely be disqualified if your answers to KashKick’s prequalification questions differ from those you give once in the survey. For example—if you put on your KashKick profile that you are 35 years old and the survey needs participants 30-40 years old, and during the survey, you say you are 20 years old, the researcher will know that you are untruthful and don’t qualify for this survey and you will be disqualified. If this happens continually, your KashKick account may be flagged for fraud and temporarily suspended. 

Most surveys have a “timer” to ensure participants aren’t rushing through the study and are taking the appropriate amount of time to answer. If a survey is supposed to take 15 minutes and you complete it in 5 minutes, you will be disqualified at the end of the study. Additionally, if you open a survey and leave the page for an extended time—like an hour or two—you will be disqualified due to inactivity and no engagement.

The survey includes these questions to ensure you’re paying attention and answering the questions thoughtfully. These could be random questions or instructions like:

  • Select Strongly Disagree
  • Select the second answer from the bottom
  • Select Option A
  • Or “Write Broccoli,” your age, or another specific answer in the open-ended question

Here, the researcher is looking for the survey participants to provide thoughtful feedback. If the feedback is nonsense, includes foul language, or simply does not make sense, then the participant is disqualified and will not earn their cash reward. 

In the dynamic world of online surveys, KashKick stands out as a user-friendly platform designed to help you easily earn extra cash. To ensure the best survey experience and maximize your earnings, it’s crucial to approach each survey by taking your time and providing thoughtful answers. Remember, consistency and honesty in your responses and engagement with the survey content are key to avoiding disqualification. Following these guidelines will allow you to enjoy a seamless survey-taking experience. Start your KashKick journey today and unlock the full potential of online surveys!

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