About KashKick

Here at KashKick, we believe everyone can have a successful side hustle, and we want to help you start earning & saving some extra cash today. We are on a mission to put more money in our users’ pockets in a way that requires very little effort. Making money without having to spend more time tied to a desk may sound a little too good to be true, but we promise it is really quite simple.

How do we help our users earn a few extra bucks? We look for only the best, cutting-edge businesses that are trying to get their products and services in front of new potential customers. But it is more than just trying to sell you a new product. Some of these businesses will allow you to provide your feedback so that they can make their products and services even better. This allows our users to bring about real change and help these businesses improve.

Admittedly, we are a tad picky. Before we pass an opportunity on to our users, we test and review these businesses ourselves. We interview their users and share what we learn with you! We enjoy having the chance to connect you with these great organizations.

Oh yeah, you’ll also get paid. (Just wanted to make sure to mention that part again.)