Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by Stacy Earl

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Get Paid For Your Opinion

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Just about every last one of use has an opinion. It would certainly be nice if there was a way to get paid for yours. I was able to make that happen using a software called Opinion Square. It is software that you download to your desktop or laptop computer for the purpose of taking surveys, giving feedback, and earning money. Opinion Square sells this information to companies looking to improve their products or services. If this sounds like something you can’t afford to pass up, then following these four steps to get started.


  1. Head to Once there, you can click through to the Opinion Square website. Before you even start earning money on Opinion Square, KashKick will toss you $2 just for clicking through their website and keeping the software installed for at least two weeks.


  1. Create your account: To sign up, you just need to provide your name and email address as well as answer a few security questions.


  1. Build Your Member Profile: Provide your address and birthday to create your profile. Accept their terms of service and get to earning. The whole process took under five minutes.


  1. Start Earning Money: In addition to the $2 earned that you will earn just for using KashKick to sign up and keeping the software installed on your computer for at least two weeks, you can now start taking surveys and earning points. Use those point to redeem prizes or enter into Opinion Square’s $100,00 sweepstakes.


Getting started with Opinion Square is easy. Signing up is a snap. Most people are giving their opinion somewhere, so why not turn that into some extra spending money? Head over to KashKick to get started earning on your home computer today.