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Customer Testimonial: Credit Karma

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Credit Karma believes that everyone should be able to get a look at their credit score without having to pay a fee. However, they are more than just an app that shows credit scores. Credit Karma provides its customers with customized deals such as loans and credit cards. Getting access to this great info has been made easy. Read on to learn what one customers had to say about using Credit Karma.


How easy was it to sign up with Credit Karma? Signing up required just a few simple steps. I logged into since they will throw in an additional $2 if I signed up through their website. I clicked on “Start Now” and was taken to the Credit Karma site. 


How long did it take to sign up? Signing up only took a few minutes. They have a simple three step process. Once I provided my information and confirmed my identity, I was not only able to see my credit score, but I earned $2 from KashKick just for clicking through.


What do you like about Credit Karma? When it comes to keeping an eye on my credit score, I felt as if it is something I can’t afford not to do. It may not be the most glamorous of tasks, but it is necessary. The idea that I should have to pay someone to see my own credit score seemed absurd. It is nice to have that info at hand whenever I need it.


Would you recommend Credit Karma? I absolutely would! It makes no sense to pay someone to see my own credit score. The fact that I got paid $2 to use Credit Karma was just icing on this financial cake.  


Now that you have seen how easy it is to get started with Credit Karma, head to today and start earning.