Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Stacy Earl

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Time to Get Savvy About Car Insurance

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It seems that no matter where I look, I am constantly being bombarded with car insurance commercials. There are countless car insurance companies out there that are dying for a piece of my business. With so many options to choose from, it can be far too time consuming to reach out to each and every company to provide my information and get a quote. It would be nice to have someone who could do all that for me. Enter my new friend Savvy Insurance. Savvy acts as my own personal shopper when it comes to finding the right car insurance to meet my needs, save me time, and save me money.

To get started, I headed to to take advantage of their offer to earn $4.00. I clicked “Start Now” and was taken to their website. Once on the Savvy website, I selected “Start Saving”. To ensure I was going to get the best deal, Savvy had me enter my current car insurance information. Once that info was provided, the app then connected with my current account to find the perfectly priced policy. Signing up with my name, email, and address was simple. The best part is that using Savvy Insurance did not cost me a thing.

I encourage anyone who is looking to save money on car insurance to check out Savvy Insurance. Be sure to have your current policy information handy. Once you make a selection and start a new policy, you will receive your $4.00 from KashKick. Savvy makes money both by gathering user data as well as earning a small commission if you choose one of the money saving options that they have provided for you. That is why shopping for insurance through Savvy is free of charge. Give them a try! Lowering those car insurance bills is certainly worth the minimal effort that Savvy requires.