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KashKick is your newest favorite get-paid-to platform—with endless ways to earn extra cash in your spare time, you’ll never want to leave! KashKick is a free rewards site available only in the U.S.A. Users have one main question when they get to our platform: How exactly do you earn money? We’re here to explore all the different ways KashKick can easily put cash in your pocket. Don’t miss this golden opportunity to turn your free time into earnings!

Completing Your Profile

After you sign up with KashKick, the next step is to complete your profile. Think this part doesn’t matter? You might think again when you find out you get $1 just for filling in your profile information! 

Stop! Don’t Forget Tracking

To keep track of your progress in games and offers, tracking must be enabled on your device. We won’t use your information for anything other than seeing what level you are on in a game, if you’ve completed the steps for an offer, or to bring you more games and offers that are tailored to you. Read our article here to learn more about tracking, how to turn it on, and even what we track.

Playing Mobile Game Challenges

You can get paid to play your favorite mobile game challenges on KashKick! With popular games like Coin Master, Dice Dreams, and Bingo Blitz, the fun never ends! You do have to be a new player of the game and have an Android 11 or iPhone 9 (or newer), but KashKick has over 30 games to choose from, with new games being added monthly. 

But how does earning with games work? For a lot of our games, there is the potential to earn over $100! To receive the total reward, there are usually certain levels you have to reach to receive part of the reward.

We’ll give you a current example with the game Dice Dreams and what missions need to be completed:

As seen above, you need to complete a certain level in a certain number of days to earn the corresponding reward—for example, for goal #1, you have to reach Kingdom 19 within 10 days to earn your first $50. As long as you’re reaching the levels in the correct timeframe, you’ll have no problem achieving your reward!


Trying Out New Apps

If you’re someone who likes trying out new apps and getting paid in the process, you need to check out our Offers section! There are countless new apps on KashKick to earn even more cash. With over 100 apps to choose from, there’s something for everyone. From investing to banking to driving for Uber, you have endless possibilities to earn in our Offers section. To earn cash rewards for Offers, you must be a new user of the app. Unlike games, there is usually only one mission to complete to earn your reward. 

Let’s use Acorns as an example:

As shown, there is only one step to complete to earn your cash reward. Each offer has a different step to get your extra cash, so make sure to read all instructions carefully before beginning!


Taking Surveys

Transform your opinions into cash rewards! Give honest feedback to earn instant cash through KashKick surveys. We’re here to enhance your survey experience by connecting you with top-tier surveys tailored just for you. Keep your answers honest and consistent to watch the cash roll in! 

To get started with surveys, KashKick will ask you a series of questions to get to know you better—we first want to know things like your age, gender, postal code, employment status, level of education, and more. KashKick then matches you with surveys based on your prequalification answers. From there, you just need to choose a survey and get started! 


Friend Referrals

KashKick is better with friends! Invite friends to join KashKick with your unique referral link, and you’ll receive 25% of their earnings from Game Challenges and Offers. Note, however, that this bonus doesn’t apply to the earnings from Surveys or Extras. So get inviting friends and watch the cash roll in! 

Come Join the Fun at KashKick!

KashKick isn’t just another platform—it’s your gateway to making real money in the most entertaining ways possible! Whether you complete your profile, play exhilarating mobile games, try out the newest apps, or share your valuable opinions in surveys, KashKick is designed to enrich your wallet as you engage in activities you love. Jump on the KashKick bandwagon today and kickstart your journey to earning easy cash. Let’s make money the fun way!