New Feature: Timelines

Try this on for size:  On Christmas Eve, you got tired of hearing Aunt Edith brag about your cousin Shannon’s brilliant accomplishments. So you downloaded Raid: Shadow Legends and went deep into the realm of Teleria. But now it’s the day after Christmas, and you’re asking yourself: “What level did I need to reach for my first reward? How many shards do I need to earn that $50?” (Some boozy eggnog may or may not be contributing to your fuzzy memory.) 

So Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! We’re thrilled to be giving you the gift you didn’t know you needed!  🎁 Timelines!

What are KashKick Timelines?

KashKick is committed to transparency – we always want you to know what the requirements are to earn a reward. Timelines are a new feature to give you an overview of an offer’s goals and rewards and your progress in meeting those goals. You’ll see timelines when you’re exploring new games & offers you haven’t started and also in your In Progress tab. 

Offer Details Window

The first place you’ll find the timeline is in the Game/Offer Details. The timeline will appear under Key Points. In this example, we have a game that has both a linear goal (reach a certain level in time) and a non-linear goal (open 2 sacred shards). Non-linear goals can happen at any time during the game, while linear goals have to be achieved in a certain order.

The timeline shows your the reward amounts ($100 and $50), what you have to do to earn the reward (Reach Level 40 and Open 2 Sacred Shards), and how many days you have to qualify (21 days and 10 days).

It also shows you the total reward you can earn ($150). Now, let’s look at how the timeline changes as you progress.

Progressing through Goals

completed & In Progress

After starting a game/offer, it will appear in your In Progress tab. Completed steps will have a green check mark, while in progress steps will have an arrow. In this example. the game has been downloaded and the first two goals (Level 40 and Open 2 Sacred Shards) are in progress.

Missed Goals

The number of days will countdown automatically for you, so there’s no guessing about how many days you have left to meet a goal. Missed goals appear with an X beside them. Don’t worry, you can still make the other goal!


When you meet a reward goal, you’ll get a green check mark AND you’ll see how much you earned!

What’s Next?

Coming soon – a new way to kashout your earnings. We’ve heard that some members would like options other than PayPal. Later in January you’ll have TWO ways to kashout PLUS you can get a little extra jingle every time you kashout. Until then, keep on kickin’!