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Introducing Chime, your next favorite mobile banking app!  Chime is your financial game-changer, making the leap into side hustling smoother than ever. With this user-friendly app, you can manage your earnings with the touch of a button, ensuring your side hustle funds are organized and growing. Chime’s fee-free overdraft, early direct deposit feature, and automated savings features are like having a financial guru in your pocket, empowering you to keep more of what you earn and save for your dreams faster. Plus, its powerful security features mean you can focus on that side hustle without sweating over your funds’ safety. 

Whether you’re selling crafts or driving for Uber, Chime is the dynamic sidekick every entrepreneur needs to make their side hustle shine! And while you’re using Chime to keep your finances straight, you get to earn your KashKick reward for even more extra cash! Sign up with Chime here to earn your reward. 

Dive into the world of Branded Surveys, where your opinions not only matter but also pay off! This app is a treasure trove for side hustlers looking to squeeze extra cash into their pockets by simply sharing their opinions. Imagine turning your coffee breaks into money-making sessions, where every survey you complete brings you closer to your financial goals. Branded Surveys makes it easy and fun, offering a variety of topics that fit your interests and expertise!

Whether you’re saving up for something new or just looking for some quick, easy cash, Branded Surveys is like having a financial cheerleader, encouraging you to earn more with each click. It’s the perfect sidekick for anyone wanting to monetize their downtime and earn quick cash! Want to earn your KashKick reward on top of it all? Click here!

We’ve talked about Upside before, but we just can’t leave it out of this list because it’s so good and so easy! Upside is your new best friend because you’ll want to take them everywhere to get cash back! Upside has transformed our approach to earning cash back, offering discounts on fuel, food, dining out, and more. Whether you’re at the gas station, enjoying a meal, or filling your cart at the grocery store, Upside ensures you snag all the deals in your area, putting extra cash back in your pocket!

Upside is super simple to use. Open the app, look for deals in your area, and grab those offers or upload your receipt post-purchase to secure your cash back. With over 30,000 businesses partnered with Upside, the savings opportunities are endless!  You can even earn an additional $100-$200 annually in cash back from Upside. So why wait? Sign up with Upside today and put that cash where it belongs–in YOUR wallet!

Check out a review on Upside by a KashKick team member here.

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Do you want a side hustle that could turn into a full-time gig? Uber Driver or UberEats Delivery Driver may be the option for you! Both options could be your ticket to an exciting and flexible gig economy adventure. With Uber Driver & UberEats Delivery Driver, you can be your own boss, set your hours, and earn money by driving passengers to their destinations or delivering delicious dishes from local restaurants. You’ll be in the driver’s seat of your financial journey while enjoying the thrill of meeting new people, discovering new restaurants, and exploring your city! To top it off, you can even earn cash rewards from KashKick for signing up for either offer (or both!). 

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Do you want to try new, trending products but don’t want to pay for them? Discover the ultimate shopping game-changer with TryProducts! Dive into a world where you can test and keep exciting new products for free from brands you love and those you’ve never seen. It’s like having a birthday surprise in your mailbox, but better because it happens all year round! TryProducts gives you firsthand experience with the latest items before anyone else. Share your honest feedback, influence the market, and help shape the future of your favorite products. Sign up today to start your adventure into the world of freebies, fun, and feedback. Don’t just buy products–experience them completely free with TryProducts!

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