Investing Apps

We’re all about growing our money here at KashKick, so we want to show you some of our best investing app offers! We’ve rounded up our favorite investing apps for you to check out.

Meet Acorns: your new favorite way to invest! Ever thought your spare change could make you richer? That’s exactly what Acorns does. It rounds up your everyday purchases to the next dollar and channels that extra bit into a varied investment mix. Cool, huh?

With Acorns, you can access a rich library of educational content to help you become an investment whiz. Dreaming of a cushy retirement? Explore IRA options, or simply keep investing bit by bit and watch your wealth expand!

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, Acorns turns investing into a fun-filled journey. With Acorns, your morning coffee comes with a side of watching your money grow. Talk about making investing a breeze!

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Say hello to Public: your ticket to easy, commission-free trading! Public’s here to make trading a piece of cake for everyone, especially if you’re just starting out. Want to dabble in stocks, ETFs, cryptos, or even cool stuff like modern art and collectibles? Public’s got your back!

Here’s the kicker: you can start your investment journey with fractional shares for as little as $5. It’s your chance to have a diverse portfolio without a huge initial investment!

Public isn’t just about trading–it’s a buzzing social hub, too! Follow fellow investors, swap tips, and soak in knowledge from a community that’s all about financial growth. Jump into investing with Public and stride towards your savings targets in a fun, welcoming, and enlightening space!

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Get ready to turbocharge your trading game with MooMoo! It’s not just an app–it’s a powerhouse for active traders, slicing through commissions on US stocks, ETFs, and options like a hot knife through butter. MooMoo isn’t just about saving you money–it’s about making your cash work harder with juicy interest rates on your uninvested funds.

You’re always ahead of the game with an arsenal of advanced tools and the freedom to trade during extended hours. Plus, you get VIP access to Level 2 market data–all for free! This makes the app better suited to a more seasoned investor–beginners might find it challenging.

As for trust and safety, MooMoo’s got your back. It’s locked, loaded, and regulated with top-tier investor protection, although it plays a bit fast and loose without negative balance protection. For the seasoned trader looking for an app that’s as ambitious and dynamic as they are, MooMoo is like hitting the trading jackpot! If you’re a seasoned investing pro, MooMoo is the app for you!

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Robinhood is your go-to app for commission-free trading, offering an accessible gateway into the world of stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptocurrencies. Setting up an account is super easy, and you get a free stock just for joining! For those who need more, Robinhood Gold offers margin trading and enhanced market analysis for just $5/month. The platform is user-friendly and ideal for beginners but can cater to more experienced traders. Robinhood is a perfect blend of simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and exciting features for investors of all experience levels! 

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Dive into the dynamic world of investing with StreetBeat, where cutting-edge AI fuels your financial goals! It’s not just about investing–it’s about smart, personalized strategies designed by the AI Copilot to align with your goals. Get a glimpse into unique investment themes like “U.S. Congress Buys” or the trailblazing “Generative AI Revolution,” offering insights into what stocks are trending and potentially profitable. 

StreetBeat is not just your average investing app. It’s a blend of sophisticated technology and human touch. You’ll experience the ease of automated portfolio management, ensuring your investments are always in sync with market dynamics without the hassle of constant monitoring. And let’s not forget the perk of zero trading commissions–your profits stay with you!

Need a helping hand? StreetBeat’s got you covered with human support that’s just a tap away. Whether you’re a newbie in the investment world or a seasoned pro, this app offers an engaging and interactive platform, making investing an enjoyable part of your everyday routine. Join the StreetBeat community and turn your financial dreams into reality, one investment at a time!

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