Last Updated on February 9, 2024 by Stacy Earl

Like most people, I was tired of spending money on unwanted subscriptions and increasing communication bills. Though some of those subscriptions and upgrades with my Internet service provider may have seemed like a good idea at the time, I eventually no longer had the need for a lot of those goods and services. Between Internet, cable, and phone, some of my bills were beginning to climb. That is where Trim Financial came in to help me get a handle on these bills that seemed to get just a tad higher year after year.
To get started using Trim Financial, I went to They are offering $2.00 for signing up via their website, so it was a great place to start. Once I clicked “Start Now”, I was taken to the Trim Financial website where I clicked “Get Started”. I entered my name and email to create my account. They also had the option of signing up using my Google account. It made sign up a breeze and only took a few minutes.
Once my account was created, Trim Financial went to work as if I had just hired my own personal financial assistant only it did not cost me a thing. They did all the work by negotiating all sorts of bills such as internet, medical, and other subscriptions. Trim makes their money by charging 33% of the savings that they achieve on my behalf.
Trim Financial was certainly worth my while. I recommend it to anyone who knows their bills may be creeping up a little too much, but who may not have the time to call all of their providers to negotiate savings on their own. It didn’t hurt that KashKick gave me $2.00 when I signed up using their site. In addition to saving me money, they also saved me time. Go to to check them out and give them a try today.