Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Stacy Earl

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Attention Seniors! How to Earn Money with AARP Rewards

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Turning the big 5-0 may be something that not many people are thrilled about. Luckily, the good people over at AARP Rewards are hoping to change that for anyone who is not happy about completing their 50th trip around the sun. Thanks to AARP Rewards, people who are age 50 and over now have something else to look forward to: earning money and points while completing AARP Rewards activities. Read on to learn more about how you, too, can begin earning. is a great website that will help you get started. Once you visit their site, you will click “Start Now” to sign up for AARP Rewards. The sign up is strait forward and easy to complete.  Provide your name, email, and birthday, and your account will be complete within just a few minutes. The best part, however, is that KashKick will give you $1.50 just for clicking through.


Now that you have created an account, it is time to get started on your AARP Rewards activities. As you participate in such activities as multi-player games and crossword puzzles, you will earn points each day. These points can then be used for some local deals, redeemed as discounted gift cards, or used to enter into local sweepstakes.


If you have a game lover or crossword fan in your life, tell them all about AARP Rewards. The activities are fun and sign up is simple. Start by going to KashKick today and earning that $1.50 right off the bat. It could be just the beginning of earning all sorts of perks thanks to AARP Rewards.