Last Updated on November 8, 2023 by Stacy Earl

Anyone Can Invest with Acorns

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Investing money in stocks, mutual funds, or bonds may sound intimidating to some people. There is a lot of risk and confusion associated with some types of investing, and that may cause some people to steer clear of it altogether. What if there was a better way to start investing without the risk of losing your nest egg? Read on to learn more about how you can start investing using the Acorns app while also earning money.
Acorns is what is known as a micro investing app. This means that it allows its users to invest just a little each day based on the purchases they make. Getting started is simple. Go to and click “Start Now“. You will be directed to the Acorns site to create your new account. All you will need to get started is an email address. That part will take but a few minutes. The best part is that once you make your first deposit, KashKick will throw in $5 and Acorns will throw in $10. You will be able to squirrel away your first few acorns thanks to these awesome deals.
Acorns offers a variety of account options that start at just $3 per month. It allows you to invest your spare change each day automatically thanks to their robo-investing technology. This is perfect for anyone who does not want to risk parting with large sums of money just to get started investing.
If you are interested in beginning an investment journey, take a look at Between the $5 they will pay you and the $10 from Acorns upon your first deposit, you will already have the funds to get started investing at a micro level.  Start saving pennies today so that they can grow into dollars in the future.