Hey, KashKick fam! You know how much we love helping you earn extra cash, and you also know how much we love our mobile games. We’ve gotten some confusion with how our games work—specifically, how exactly you earn money playing them! This guide will clear up any confusion and help you better understand how you can earn cash with KashKick’s mobile games!

First, you need to make sure you’re a new player of the game! If you’ve downloaded the game on your mobile device before, you will not qualify—you must be a new user. Already played the game before? No worries! KashKick has almost 40 mobile games to choose from! The first step for each game is simple and the same—just download the gaming app to get started! When installing the app, it is extremely important that you accept tracking on your device within that game. You’ll see a message similar to the one below come up:

You’ll need to hit “allow” so that we can track your progress through the game’s levels. If you don’t allow tracking, we won’t be able to see what level you’re at within the game—which means you won’t be able to earn your reward! Rest assured, the only thing KashKick uses your information for is tracking your progress through games and offers, and showing you more games, offers, and surveys tailored to you! We don’t use your data for anything else or sell your data—never, ever. 

If you have an iCloud+ subscription with iCloud Private Relay enabled, you may need to disable it, or your progress may not be tracked. Please visit Settings on your device to see if iCloud Private Relay has been disabled. Also, please turn off any VPN device on your phone before downloading and playing games. Using a VPN is against our Prohibited Conduct, so it could result in a permanent ban on your account. 

Check out this article to learn even more about how KashKick uses tracking and exactly how to set it up!

To earn cash for playing mobile games on KashKick, you must complete the proper steps in that mission to earn your reward. The missions look a bit different for each game, but let’s take a look at Coin Master’s reward structure:

As you can see above, you need to reach a certain level (or, in this case, a Village) within a certain number of days to earn the corresponding reward. For example, you need to reach Village 36 within 8 days to claim your first reward of $40. After carefully reading through the missions, don’t forget to read the Additional Info section for more important information! Keep in mind that your “timer” starts from when you download the game—so if you downloaded the game on the 1st at 1:00 PM, you would have until the 9th at 1:00 PM to complete the first mission.

But what if you miss your first goal? Does that mean you can’t earn any of the other rewards? Absolutely not! Even if you missed the first goal, you can still complete the following missions if you have enough time! That means your second goal of reaching Village 61 in 15 days to earn $60 is still achievable, as long as it’s not past the set time limit—you just won’t receive $40 for reaching the first mission, which was not completed in time. So, keep playing and earning those rewards!

Alright, KashKick Fam, it’s game time! Now that we’ve told you everything you need to know, you’re ready to dive into our mobile games and start raking in those rewards. Remember, it’s all about being a new player, allowing tracking, and smashing through those levels in the right amount of time to earn your cash. Missed a goal? No problem—just keep pushing forward to the next one. With nearly 40 games to choose from, there’s always a new adventure waiting for you. So, fire up those games, unleash your inner gamer, and let’s get earning! Happy gaming, KashKickers!