Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Stacy Earl

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Earn Money While Having Fun with Coin Master

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If there were an opportunity to earn a few bucks while traveling through magical lands and battling Vikings, would you want to give it a try? What if it were something you could try from the comfort of your own home? That is exactly what I did when playing Coin Master. All I needed to get started was a mobile device with either iOS 11 or higher or Android 7.0 or higher to get started.


To prepare for my first Viking raid, I just started out by going to and clicking “Start Now”. KashKick offered $5.00 to any new user who reaches village four in their first week. Signing up for Coin Master is as quick and simple as can be. I simply provided an email address and instructions were then sent directly to my mobile device. There are opportunities for in-app purchases as well which is how Coin Master earns money, er, loot.


Once I start playing Coin Master, I had the opportunity to invite friends and – when they were not looking – I attacked their villages as well. I can spin for loot and collect cards to advance. Once I reached village three, I was able to start receiving points. However, the best part is that once I reached village four within seven days of starting, KashKick rewarded me with $5.00. I was already playing and enjoying yourself as I made a run at becoming the best of the Vikings, so the ability to earn a few dollars while doing so is the very definition of an added bonus.


What are you waiting for? Earning a few dollars while raiding villages is definitely worth your while. Now is the time to start building the strongest village and preparing to gather the most loot. Those other Vikings don’t stand a chance!